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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Pipes criticizes Middle East leaders

Professor Daniel PipesI posted "Pipes criticizes Middle East leaders", an article Professor Daniel Pipes sent out on his list with his evaluation of the new "peace" prevailing in Israel between her and her sworn enemies, an interview of him by Tony Jones of "Lateline - Australian Broadcasting Corporation." I concur with Pipes' assessments and conclusions on current "Palestinian" scenarios in their cultural situation. Nothing has changed. Leave it to Pipes to not give the Islamists an inch.

Today is 13 February, 2005. As secular thinkers and peace at any price proponents -- even within the Conservative community in the international arena, ignore Pipes and his students like me yet again, this posting will be referred back to as an "I told you so" when the security situation deteriorates further in the territories and the Islamic terrorists in all their many forms go on the war path against Israel. Mahmoud Abbas will gladly take the West's money to either confiscate like Arafat did or sink into the black hole which is the PA. But he certainly dies not have control over HAMAS and Islamic Jihad, and the IDF will not stand idly by while these killers exploit the West's naivete and gullibility to continue with their war against the Jewish people

I'll be the first to apologize when Pipes and I are wrong.


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