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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Democratic Disaster ....

Democratic Disaster [Victory for crusading Christian evangelicals, imperialist Jewish neocons]

FReeper partner SJackson posts this article in the forum November 3, the day right after the Presidential election. The writer states in part:

"... All three branches of the American government are now more firmly in the hands of the Republican Party. And the Republican Party is more firmly in the hands of its conservative crusading Christian evangelicals allied with its imperialist considerably Jewish neo-conservatives. And the alliance with the hard-line 'Revisionist Zionist' Israelis, and their powerful lobby in Washington, has never been stronger and never been more dangerous."

BWAAAAHaaaaahaaahaaa!! Oh, that's great reactionary hysterical writing! I bet the Jihadi Islamist had to clean the spittle off his monitor screen when he was done with that little rant.

Good job and good work, FREE REPUBLIC! The Islamists, the jihadis, the "rationalists" and radical leftists and secular thinkers are totally in dissarray simply because they don't know G-d, the Living G-d, the G-d of Israel, Abraham, Isaac, and Joseph. They are completely blind to the power of faith and prayer and humility and repentance, and that the American Christian community and the Israeli Jewish community are in the midst of a respective real and tangible revival and they are now losing their grip on their ability to control and suppress it, especially in the American cultural institutions.

Let's keep moving forward people! We got 'em on the run for another four years! Viva Bush!!


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