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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Fear of Civil War in Israel

Most people in American Christendom are not fully aware of the turmoil in Israel right now over the "Gaza Disengagement Plan" of Ariel Sharon, chronicled in this thread posted at Free Republic. From leftist elements in the Israeli press demonizing the Orthodox "religious" community as extremists and holding a "messianic" mindset; potential assassins of their former settler advocate, Prime Minister Sharon, to Sharon backers planning the potential legislative punishments for those who resist Nadia Mater of the Women In Greenthe IDF and the government if the pull-out ever goes down, to Nadia Mater of the Women In Green who is being targeted by the Israeli government under their new oppressive "incitement" laws, the beleaguered Nation of Israel is facing some serious internal turmoil!

Where to from here? The faithful in the Council of Jewish Communities in Judea, Samaria and Gaza might prevail in having this whole deal overturned; the pullout just might go through as envisioned by Sharon.

Nonetheless the activist Conservative/Orthodox Jewish community in Israel and in America will have to continue their professional, eloquent, yet LOUD defense of the Nation of Israel and current borders as the Ruach HaKodesh continue to work in the hearts and minds of the Jewish nation in its entirety in restoring the House of Israel. If the murderous Arabs are given the leeway to finally back Israel into a corner where their very existence is threatened again, it will only benefit those who are arguing now negotiation with these psychos is nutty.

G-d bless and strengthen those Jews in Israel who are now paying a price, and will be paying a price, in the slander of their reputations and potentially the loss of their freedoms, in defense of the Jewish people in Israel. And may more caliber leadership be provided Israel as the current tries to placate and appease a hostile and sullen world as radical Islam continues its demonic campaign to squeeze and atrite Israel in their overt bid to destroy it.


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