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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Leon Klinghoffer's Daughters' Letter to New York Times Editor on Arafat's Death

Leon Klinghoffer's Daughters' Letter to New York Times Editor on Arafat's Death is the most succint commentary on the truth of the character of the master terrorist. As radical Marxist/Leninist leftists in the West and Islamists laud him at his death as a "great warrior" and "freedom fighter," modeling the worst of Western post-modernist thought, the families of this murderer's victims moral superiority stand in stark contrast to the putridness of radical Islamic terrorisms' aiders and abettors.

This man was the father of modern day terrorism. He was a failure in every point as a leader of the "Palestinian" people. He left nothing but bloodshed and misery in his wake, including those he purported to represent and fight for.

And the world must now continue to fight the fallout of this man's failed life. May we continue to prevail, with patience and firmness.


To the Editor:

Leon Klinghoffer, our father, was one innocent civilian among thousands who were murdered under the rule of Yasir Arafat and the P.L.O. As a family who has unfortunately been touched by Mr. Arafat's terrorism, we find that our only solace in his death is that he cannot kill anyone ever again.

It is mind-boggling that some would view him as a diplomat, martyr, hero and even a peacemaker. This is definitely not how we know him to be. To us, Mr. Arafat will always be a murderer and a terrorist; and one less terrorist on this earth is a good thing.

Lisa Klinghoffer
Ilsa Klinghoffer
New York, Nov. 12, 2004


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