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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Givat Shalhevet

You didn't see much of it in the Main Stream Media (MSM) but the conflict continues to escalate in the growing campaign for the Israelis to pull out of Gaza and certain areas of the West Bank, an issue any Evangelical supporter of Israel and the Jews should be watching closely.Settlers resisting IDF soldiers sent to dismantle the 'illegal' settlement at Givat Shalhevet in the West Bank.

One Haaretz article reported, "The evacuation of two caravans from a West Bank outpost turned particularly violent on Monday as Israeli security forces and settlers clashed. An IDF soldier, a resident of the nearby settlement Yitzhar, was arrested during the scuffle. The soldier was on a furlough from his army service, but was dressed in his army uniform as his joined 200 or so other settlers in disrupting the evacuation of the Givat Shalhevet outpost. The soldier apparently called on the other soldiers not to participate in the evacuation."

That soldier's name is Yosef Pilent of Yitzhar. Yossi was arrested and tried in the presence of his commanding officers after his request for a trial before a military court was rejected. He was sentenced to 28 days in a military prison for "unsuitable behavior," as reported at Chabad.org.

I will state it again, the American Evangelical Christian community is opposed to any type of retreat or "pull back" by the Jews in Israel in their war on Islamic terrorism, especially under American pressure. Their enemies cannot be reasoned with or negotiated with. History proves this, and this jeopardizes Israel's security in the future, especially if another terrorist state is set up, represented in a "Palestinian nation." Full on war will be the inevitable outcome.

Seeing conflict like this within Israeli Jewish culture is extremely disappointing, especially the loss of those Jews who sacrifice much to resettle their rightful land. Yet, this is just one small part of the grand plan of HaShem to rebuild the House of Israel.

My deepest respects and regards to Yosef Pilent of Yitzhar for his principled stand. It will pay off in the long run.


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