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Monday, January 24, 2005

Retired Army Brigadier General and chaplain Rev. Dr. James M. Hutchens

Jim in uniform I was fortunate to be able to go to this event and witness this display I mentioned in my earlier post, as well as meet personally retired Army Brigadier General and chaplain Rev. Dr. James M. Hutchens. After talking to a deacon of the church in the parking lot I introduced myself to Mr. Hutchens and said I headed the Christian Supporters of Israel list at Free Republic, as well as telling him where I also went to church for twenty-five years (not here where this project was displayed). He mentioned he would be interested in bringing his project to where I go to church regularly, and I promised I would petition them on his behalf.

We talked for sometime. We talked about their recent visit to Berkley, Free Republic and the FReepers efforts on behalf of the war on terror, as well as his project, Bus19.org. He was a little hoarse after speaking at two services that morning, but it was a wonderful time and opportunity to make contact with someone and an organization accomplishing much in the cultural arena; the War of Ideas, on behalf of our ally Israel and America's war on terror.

I took pictures but don't have any to post right now because they aren't developed. "The Jerusalem Connection" will still be in my area until the first of February so hopefully I can get together with these people again.

If this man and "The Jerusalem Connection" happen to be in your area, make sure you see this display and tell them you heard about them on Free Republic!

The Jerusalem Connection!


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