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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Death Threat in America from the "Religion of Peace"

This was posted today at Free Republic. The author of Prophet Of Doom, Craig Winn, received a death threat from an Islamic extremist who, like most Muslims who are faced with the less than Divine man-made foundation of their religion, resort to violence.

Mr. Winn responded to this threat, "... The spirit behind a religion can be determined by the the spirit's scriptures and by the behavior of those who are possessed by it. Such is the curse of Islam. Confronted with the most comprehensive and best documented contextual and chronological presentation of Muhammad's Own Words as they are recorded in the Qur'an and Hadith, "Jealous Muslims" respond by revealing the nature and the agenda of the dark and demonic spirit who inspires them."

I concur. This is just another example of what is sure to follow in dhimmitude slavery if radical Islam makes more inroads on America.

Not to mention the treachery the Jewish nation of Israel is dealing with in their "negotiations" with the Palistinians! Who's kidding who?

Nonetheless, the American Federal LE community will be all over the Islamist cadre in America like mud on a pig if anything happens to Craig Winn in the future.

Follow the linked graphic of the book to Amazon.com for purchasing information.


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