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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Israel's Other Best Friends

This article, posted at Free Republic from Arutz Sheva, is another example of the American Evangelical dominance of the Christian/Jewish alliance in America and the world today. Radical Islam bit off more than it could chew when they attacked America on 9/11. It woke up the American nation and put her right in the same foxhill with Israel. The writer states in part:

"They are and will continue to work to save Israel as a whole and complete country, undivided by international appeasement to terror and Islamist goals towards the destruction of the Jewish State. ... Judging from the enthusiasm and sheer numbers, Israel never had a better friend than the Christian Coalition of America. It's nice to know that we, the Jews of Israel and the Diaspora, are not alone."

You betcha'!  !


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