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Sunday, August 01, 2004

Israeli Intelligence In The IRAQ War

Yossef Bodansky, director of the Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare, has a new book out. "The Secret History Of The Iraq War." The Secret History of the Iraq WarWhile Middle East experts and any typical American who has the intellectual discipline to access the massive volumes of open source information on Iraq and their biological and chemical, as well as nuclear, programs pre-war, know of Saddam Hussein's extensive involvement with al Queda and global terrorism, the White House in this election year season continues to refrain from aggressively defending themselves against myriad critics who claim the justifications articulated for the war were exaggerated and unjustified.

How come? We all know they were there.

Seems the Western world and especially the Bush Administration feels they have to distance themselves from the fact that the bulk of this intelligence was acquired by Mossad and the Israeli Defense Forces, and exploiting it would further "enrage" the Arab world and undermine the war on terrorism. After all, everybody knows the Arabs hate the Jews, "Religion of Peace" notwithstanding.

American continues on their PC way in trying to vanquish Islamic terrorism, continuing to relegate the Jewish Nation to second class status in the global community and the role of "red-headed stepchild" here in the civilized world. This will, of course, not work, nor win any wars. The Arab world's efforts to undermine American efforts in Iraq belie that.

Syria is hosting the bulk of Iraq's bio/chem weapons programs, too, smuggled over the border while Hans Blix and the UN were farting around with Saddam.

It is unfortunate the U.S. Government still feels they have to treat the Jewish Nation this way, when both our counties are in the same boat in the battle against Islamic terrorism!


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