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Thursday, August 12, 2004

About a certain 'entire public'

Reposted here from a Free Republic thread started by my friend Alouette. A conservative Jew responds to the fearmongering of a secular leftist in Israel.


About a certain 'entire public' (Leftist Bigot Alert!) - Jerusalem Post

Alouette writes in response:

Here is the response that I wrote to the "Jerusalem Post"

Larry Derfner's article, as he himself admits, "spreads fear, incites against the settlers, and besmirches an entire public." If he had written a similar diatribe against Arab terrorists or Israeli leftists, he would no longer be writing for the Jerusalem Post and might even be arrested under Israel's "Incitement" statutes.

The assassination of Yitzchak Rabin was a disaster not only for the entire Israeli population, but for the so-called "settlers" in particular.

Had Rabin not been assassinated by one deranged individual, Rabin would have admitted that the entire "Oslo Peace Accords" were a terrible mistake and he would have rescinded his participation in this fiasco.

Because of the terrible assassination, the "Oslo Peace Accords" have become some kind of holy sacrament which must be observed with "mesirat nefesh" to the point that the current government is prepared to go through with the expulsion of 7000 Jews from their homes, with no expectation of any kind of reciprocity from the Palestinians, because, as everyone knows, "the settlers" and the "religious Jews" are all "potential assassins" so therefore no type of collective punishment can be deemed severe enough for this entire section of the public.

The "settlers" and the "Orthodox" (including both the hareidim and the religious Zionists) have become the "Christ-killers" of the Israeli left.

Then later on, Mr. Derfner admits "The leaders of the settler movement don't want Sharon killed or the Temple Mount mosques destroyed" which negates his entire argument. The Prophet Zachariah prophecied in the Bible that the Temple Mount will be destroyed by a natural disaster, specifically, by an earthquake. Nor do the " settlers" want any harm to come to the Prime Minister, although he has reneged on all the promises that he made to the very people who elected him in the first place. Any attack made by "settlers" would only speed up the "disengagement (expulsion) plan" so therfore the "settlers" have nothing to gain from any such attempt.

Islamic jihadists are not stupid; they can read Larry Derfner and could very easily commit an attack on the Temple Mount mosques, wearing "settler" disguise (they have been known to masquerade wearing IDF uniforms and hareidi costume), and then sit back and laugh while the Jews get the blame.

Mr. Derfner has either forgotten or chooses to ignore that when right-wing activists (Meir Kahane and Rehavam Ze'evi) were assassinated the Leftists celebrated and cheered.

Mr. Derfner also chooses to ignore the terrorism and the treason of the Israel extreme left, such as the recently indicted Tali Fahima and "the usual gang of idiots" calling themselves "Gush Shalom" and "Peace Now" who have not only incited against the existance of Israel in violation of the anti-incitement laws, but have actually plotted with the Islamic terrorists to murder Jews.

Since Mr. Derfner himself admits that his article contains "incitement" and "besmirches an entire public" he has confessed to "incitement" and "racism" and should turn himself in to the nearest police station.



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