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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Compromising with Appeasers

Well, this is real sickening.

Labour leader Shimon Peres has this to say concerning Ariel Sharon and his "pull out" plan for Gaza:

"You cannot fail to be happy that Likud [Mr Sharon's party] has renounced its deceptive dream of creating a Greater Israel, accepted the idea of dismantling settlements and the creation of a Palestinian state."

Yeah, I know the Lord is still in control and watching faithfully over His people Israel, but rank compromise like this with your political opponents who are so contrary in position and worldview than you—indeed, being praised so warmly by them—can only have one outcome, especially in the deadly environment of the Middle East.

We can only pray fervently the long-term negative fallout of this is limited. HaShem continue to work within the House of Israel, nonetheless.


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