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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Remembering the Wannsee Conference and the Liberation of Auschwitz

27 January, 2005

The Holocaust, symbolized by Auschwitz, the worst of the death camps, occurred in the wake of consistent, systematic, unrelenting anti-Jewish propaganda campaign. As a result, the elimination of the Jews from German society was accepted as axiomatic, leaving open only two questions: when and how.

As Germany expanded its domination and occupation of Austria, Czechoslovakia, France, the Low Countries, Yugoslavia, Poland, parts of the USSR, Greece, Romania, Hungary, Italy and others countries, the way was open for Hitler to realize his well-publicized plan of destroying the Jewish people.

After experimentation, the use of Zyklon B on unsuspecting victim was adopted by the Nazis as the means of choice, and Auschwitz was selected as the main factory of death (more accurately, one should refer to the “Auschwitz-Birkenau complex”). The green light for mass annihilation was given at the Wannsee Conference, January 20, 1942, and the mass gassings took place in Auschwitz between 1942 and the end of 1944, when the Nazis retreated before the advancing Red Army. Jews were transported to Auschwitz from all over Nazi-occupied or Nazi-dominated Europe and most were slaughtered in Auschwitz upon arrival, sometimes as many as 12,000 in one day. Some victims were selected for slave labour or “medical” experimentation. All were subject to brutal treatment.

In all, between three and four million people, mostly Jews, but also Poles and Red Army POWs, were slaughtered in Auschwitz alone (though some authors put the number at 1.3 million). Other death camps were located at Sobibor, Chelmno, Belzec (Belzek), Majdanek and Treblinka.

Auschwitz was liberated by the Red Army on 27 January 1945, sixty years ago, after most of the prisoners were forced into a Death March westwards. The Red Army found in Auschwitz about 7,600 survivors, but not all could be saved.

For a long time, the Allies were well aware of the mass murder, but deliberately refused to bomb the camp or the railways leading to it. Ironically, during the Polish uprising, the Allies had no hesitation in flying aid to Warsaw, sometimes flying right over Auschwitz.

There are troubling parallels between the systematic vilification of Jews before the Holocaust and the current vilification of the Jewish people and Israel. Suffice it to note the annual flood of anti-Israel resolutions at the UN; or the public opinion polls taken in Europe, which single out Israel as a danger to world peace; or the divestment campaigns being waged in the US against Israel; or the attempts to delegitimize Israel’s very existence. The complicity of the Allies in WW II is mirrored by the support the PLO has been receiving from Europe, China and Russia to this very day.

If remembering Auschwitz should teach us anything, it is that we must all support Israel and the Jewish people against the vilification and the complicity we are witnessing, knowing where it inevitably leads.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Retired Army Brigadier General and chaplain Rev. Dr. James M. Hutchens

Jim in uniform I was fortunate to be able to go to this event and witness this display I mentioned in my earlier post, as well as meet personally retired Army Brigadier General and chaplain Rev. Dr. James M. Hutchens. After talking to a deacon of the church in the parking lot I introduced myself to Mr. Hutchens and said I headed the Christian Supporters of Israel list at Free Republic, as well as telling him where I also went to church for twenty-five years (not here where this project was displayed). He mentioned he would be interested in bringing his project to where I go to church regularly, and I promised I would petition them on his behalf.

We talked for sometime. We talked about their recent visit to Berkley, Free Republic and the FReepers efforts on behalf of the war on terror, as well as his project, Bus19.org. He was a little hoarse after speaking at two services that morning, but it was a wonderful time and opportunity to make contact with someone and an organization accomplishing much in the cultural arena; the War of Ideas, on behalf of our ally Israel and America's war on terror.

I took pictures but don't have any to post right now because they aren't developed. "The Jerusalem Connection" will still be in my area until the first of February so hopefully I can get together with these people again.

If this man and "The Jerusalem Connection" happen to be in your area, make sure you see this display and tell them you heard about them on Free Republic!

The Jerusalem Connection!

Friday, January 21, 2005

Bus19 In Hemet, California

I just found out Bus19.org and The Jerusalem Connection will be in my area at the First Baptist Church of Hemet with their national traveling display. I'll have to go check that out.

Needless to say, the "comfortable" and the "fair minded" in our area have found fault. Yet, one letter writer to our local paper's Open Forum writes this:

"A Moral Display

There seems to be considerable criticism of the First Baptist Church of Hemet for arranging the display of Bus 19 with its "political" overtones. So what? The Christian churches' biblical responsibility is not just to point people to God, but also to act as a moral preservative in the world.

Unfortunately, too many church leaders today remain silent on absolute moral issues because they have become politicized. When more unborn babies have been killed in this country than the entire population of Canada; when pornography permeates every area of our lives; when the divorce rate in America is over 50 percent; when one-third of our children are born out of wedlock; when gambling is sanctioned by the state; and when prayer is outlawed and foul language is tolerated in school, it is not enough to just go to church, hear the minister preach and then go to lunch. We need to pull our collective head out of the sand.

Whatever their color, religion or politics, terrorist suicide bombers who kill innocent people are hateful and evil. And when gutless terrorists flew hijacked planes into the World Trade Center, this church showed the video footage of that event, and called it evil.


Mr. Peterson probably goes to this church. I'll have to find some of these people.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Exhibit of Bombed Bus Raises Concern

I posted this at Free Republic. One hard-charging Christian supporter of Israel can really cause a stink! Haahaa!!

Jim in uniformJim in Vietnam All right, Dr. James M. Hutchens is an official hardass in my book, to take his project right into Berzerkely. He stated as much in the other article I couldn't find online that I had read in our local paper. More on him HERE.

What a great op! Those radical leftists must be messing their shorts. This was the same Marxist haven Professor Daniel pipes spoke at and had HAMAS and Palestinian sympathizers howling at the moon.

The Jerusalem Connection!

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Givat Shalhevet

You didn't see much of it in the Main Stream Media (MSM) but the conflict continues to escalate in the growing campaign for the Israelis to pull out of Gaza and certain areas of the West Bank, an issue any Evangelical supporter of Israel and the Jews should be watching closely.Settlers resisting IDF soldiers sent to dismantle the 'illegal' settlement at Givat Shalhevet in the West Bank.

One Haaretz article reported, "The evacuation of two caravans from a West Bank outpost turned particularly violent on Monday as Israeli security forces and settlers clashed. An IDF soldier, a resident of the nearby settlement Yitzhar, was arrested during the scuffle. The soldier was on a furlough from his army service, but was dressed in his army uniform as his joined 200 or so other settlers in disrupting the evacuation of the Givat Shalhevet outpost. The soldier apparently called on the other soldiers not to participate in the evacuation."

That soldier's name is Yosef Pilent of Yitzhar. Yossi was arrested and tried in the presence of his commanding officers after his request for a trial before a military court was rejected. He was sentenced to 28 days in a military prison for "unsuitable behavior," as reported at Chabad.org.

I will state it again, the American Evangelical Christian community is opposed to any type of retreat or "pull back" by the Jews in Israel in their war on Islamic terrorism, especially under American pressure. Their enemies cannot be reasoned with or negotiated with. History proves this, and this jeopardizes Israel's security in the future, especially if another terrorist state is set up, represented in a "Palestinian nation." Full on war will be the inevitable outcome.

Seeing conflict like this within Israeli Jewish culture is extremely disappointing, especially the loss of those Jews who sacrifice much to resettle their rightful land. Yet, this is just one small part of the grand plan of HaShem to rebuild the House of Israel.

My deepest respects and regards to Yosef Pilent of Yitzhar for his principled stand. It will pay off in the long run.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Death Threat in America from the "Religion of Peace"

This was posted today at Free Republic. The author of Prophet Of Doom, Craig Winn, received a death threat from an Islamic extremist who, like most Muslims who are faced with the less than Divine man-made foundation of their religion, resort to violence.

Mr. Winn responded to this threat, "... The spirit behind a religion can be determined by the the spirit's scriptures and by the behavior of those who are possessed by it. Such is the curse of Islam. Confronted with the most comprehensive and best documented contextual and chronological presentation of Muhammad's Own Words as they are recorded in the Qur'an and Hadith, "Jealous Muslims" respond by revealing the nature and the agenda of the dark and demonic spirit who inspires them."

I concur. This is just another example of what is sure to follow in dhimmitude slavery if radical Islam makes more inroads on America.

Not to mention the treachery the Jewish nation of Israel is dealing with in their "negotiations" with the Palistinians! Who's kidding who?

Nonetheless, the American Federal LE community will be all over the Islamist cadre in America like mud on a pig if anything happens to Craig Winn in the future.

Follow the linked graphic of the book to Amazon.com for purchasing information.