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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Settlers, You Have Failed

Dear Valued Friends and Peers,

This article was posted at Free Republic by one of the list members. It is a pristine example of the cruelty, vindictiveness, hatred, and moral bankruptcy of the secular left, whether in Israel, or here in America. It is incredible that one Jew would be this vicious to another one.

Kapo is a slang term for concentration camp prisoners who tried to save their own lives by betraying their fellow prisoners - they served as guards, informers or supervisors, and received extra privileges such as food or better sleeping quarters. Those who were still alive at liberation were often murdered by other prisoners. The derivation is uncertain but might be related to "captain," or "Kapitan" in German; or perhaps Italian "capo," meaning "boss."

This cruel, self-serving nature is not exclusive to the Jewish people; indeed, it is the fallen nature of man. But the fact that one Jew would model this behavior shows Jewish culture is desperately in need today of a tangible and real Divine intervention.

And no, the settlers have not failed. In fact, His campaign has only just begun.

Jewish Ghetto Armband (Kapo)