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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Justice For Yossi

I know of this young man, his family, and specifically his Mom. He comes from a rock solid American Conservative, law-abiding background.

Most at Free Republic are familiar with FR's founding, based in agitation against the radicalism of the Clinton regime. It was the same willingness to shoulder the (then in power) leftist accusation of "law-breakers" and "trouble-makers" that paved the way for the final fall of the left in the national political arena.

This same dynamic is happening in the Nation of Israel today; young men such as Yossi the forerunners of the same revival in Israel politics and culture.

I am impressed to no end with this young man and his family, and support him. While the majority in Israel languish in confusion, he stands for Jewish things which are unique and rare. I hope you do too!


Elchonon wrote this at 6:33 pm:

On February 2nd marked as one of the darkest days of the state of Israel. between 7,000 and 10,000 troops (depending on who you ask) descended onto the outpost community of Amonah. Their task: bulldoze 9 beautiful brand new houses.. and bash as many skulls as possible. In what is now history over 350 innocent protestors were brutally beaten and smashed. Dozens were arrested, among them my dear friend and roommate Yossi.

Yossi on the roof in amona

Yossi (23) accompanied me to Amonah to help try to stop the destruction. After being badly beaten and dragged off the rooftop, Yossi was walking towards the Magen David Adom tent to get medical help when he was grabbed by a magavnik (mishmar hagvul - border guards) The magavnik informed Yossi that he was under arrest. Yossi was handed over to the police who asked the magavnik what Yossi did… one magavnik raised his hand and said “he hit me” which is a total and complete lie.

Yossi was then hauled off to the Russian compound police station in Jerusalem. He was held that night and the next day when he was brought before a judge. The charges: Striking a army officer etc….

Yossi’s lawyer Naftuly Wertzberg who was provided by choneinu, successfully argued to allow Yossi out on bail. 1500 shekel (400$) was posted and I and a friend signed for 5,000 shekel. Terms of bail: cannot leave the country, cannot enter Judea and Samaria.

Ever since I can remember Yossi has been a fighter for Israel, first at demonstrations here in the US and later in 2003 when he joined the army in Israel. Gedud 97 Netzach Yehuda (Nachal Chareidi) Yossi made a HUGE sacrifice in his joining the army. While soldiers get off from base every 2 weeks for 3 days. Yossi could not go home to his family who live in Detroit. The past 3 years Pesach have been spent away from home.

In February of last year, Yossi was offered a chance to join a officers course. At that point of time with the expulsion of Gush Katif looming ahead, Yossi chose to decline the request and finish the army instead so he would not be a part of this great sin.

And so Yossi joined in full time in the battle for Gush Katif and the land of Israel. Joining me at roadblockings’s and driving out to Gush Katif at least twice a week to help us out at the hotel.

When August 15th rolled around, Yossi grabbed a backpack and some food and hitched to Ofakim where he hiked thru the woods. For 2 days Yossi continued towards Gush Katif, sleeping on the ground and eating canned tuna blocking the roads along the way many times yet successfully escaping arrest. Reaching Kissufim crossing he was promptly arrested and hauled off to jail.

In December of this 2005 we decided to make aliyah and as it would enable to pay off our debt, Yossi wanted to use his money to pay his debt, quit work and go to yeshiva. While my aliyah was accepted his was rejected for his arrest by Kissufim. Yossi was in the process of clearing up his open criminal case when he was arrested at Amonah.

As of now Yossi has 3 thousand dollars in hard debt, he is stuck in the country yet cannot make aliyah. He will need 5 thousand dollars to pay for legal fee’s for the trial. He works in construction 10 hours a day just to be able to pay bills. But who will pay for his legal fee’s ?

I am turning to you friends and strangers to help Yossi.

Donations can be paypal’d to elchonon1@juno.com or mailed to:

Justice For Yossi
c/o Elchonon
1081 NE 175th Street,
North Miami Beach, FL 33162.

Yossi can be reached at: m4a1car2@hotmail.com

For references etc… Regarding Yossi and his legal case contact:

Shlomo Wollins editor http://israelreporter.com and friend of Yossi shlomo@israelreporter.com

054-7388-054 (from within Israel)

011-972-54-7388-054 (from outside Israel)

Rabbi Dany Cohen. Chabad Shliach in Chevron and friend of Yossi 052-431-7299 danny770@yahoo.com

Hebrew only: Shmuel (zangy) meidad. Head of choneinu non profit legal orginization represnting political prisoners: 052-566-5975

Please repost this on your blog etc.. and forward by email!


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