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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Christian Zionism and the Roadmap to a Palestinian State

As I stated at Free Republic on this one thread, Christian Zionism and the Roadmap to a Palestinian State , written by one Dr. Habib Siddiqui, a purported "analyst" based in America, I am continually pleased that the Evangelical Christian community in America is making such a profound impact on American culture, and the world, exploiting the great opportunities we have in these times, to reduce an Islamist like this into a such a hyper-ventilating, blithering idiot.

Why, you can almost see this guy wetting his pants.

He writes in part, "...America is hated today more than anytime in its 228-year old history. No individual is considered a greater threat to humanity than President Bush. What an achievement by these servants of Zionism!"


Keep up the pressure, people! The terrorists and their sympathizers and aiders and abettors are starting to crack!

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

A Liberal Bias In The Mainstream Media?

Well, who'da thought?! The logical conclusion from the CBS "MemoGate" fiasco and Dan Blather's complicity is that perhaps coverage of Israel is just a bit biased? But then, we at Free Republic are not so naive.

The e-newsletter I get from Gary D. Halbert, Investors Insight is instructive. He writes:

"In short, they (elitist manstream media) assume we are stupid.

They even use ridiculous arguments to try and convince us that they do not have a liberal bias. The one I like the most is that the press MUST be conservative because the major media outlets are all owned by large corporations. Yeah, right. As I have written before, if the major corporations that control the media are so conservative, why can’t I let my kids watch network TV at night? In addition to the filthy language, they continually push the envelope on nudity and sexual situations and innuendo. Sorry folks, that’s not conservative!

Yet the reality is that most Americans have become so lazy that they assume the information we are force-fed by the mainstream media is accurate. They do not take the time or effort to check it out. They just assume it is true. But then a story like the CBS fiasco comes along, and it blows up in the media’s face. Now, even the man on the street knows the media is biased.

I have often recommended that you frequent one of my favorite websites – the Media research Center at http://www.mediaresearch.org/. On a daily basis, MRC monitors the major networks and documents the many instances of liberal bias. Just one visit to the MRC website will show you how pervasive liberal bias is in the mainstream press, and especially in the various network news programs."

Keep hammering on the radical leftists, people. We can still tell the TRUTH better than they can tell their lies!