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Thursday, May 27, 2004

Albright, Pelosi, Kerry, Kennedy, et. al.

Ex-Clinton Secretary of State Madeline Albright was in the news recently, partnering up with Pelosi and the gang in the Democrat terrorist sympathizers' bid to undermine President Bush's war on radical Islamic terrorism. She was pontificating, and I quote from the 25 May 2004 AP story:

"When I was Secretary of State, I had all my partisan instincts surgically removed. ... They have really grown back, because I have never seen the United States in a more difficult position — I am appalled at how we are viewed internationally now."

Oh, please.

During the Clinton years America was nothing more than a punching bag for Islamic fascists worldwide; a "good ol' boy" paper tiger under the UN village mentality of the Clinton White House, where we "dialogued" with al Queda killers in a goofy bid to "understand their anger against us."

The Bush Team cut through all the goofy, feel-good nonsense that was getting innocent Americans killed and met these terrorists on the battlefield of Jihadistan right in their own back yard.

I still recall the sight of those two Marine Corps M1 Abrahm tanks on that bridge in Baghdad slugging it out with seperate targets off screen, while watching the news, and having a great feeling of relief that we were finally going toe-to-toe with these thugs.

And Madeline is now "appalled" at how we are viewed internationally.

Maddy, it's called respect and deterrence, and yes, FEAR. We, at least I, don't care what people think about us. No matter what we do, the world will think the worst, just like they treat the Israelis. They respect us. That's what keeps our citizens from being killed by these psychos. Get it?

Probably not. Appeasers are like this. Too closed minded in their elitist, utopian globalist views to see reality.


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