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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Motives and visions of Apocolypse!

Got into it at FR today, post 10, concerning the motives of Evangelical Christian support of the Nation of Israel. Just had to get in the middle of this one (check the threads for context). See below.

Fellow FReeper Judicial Meanz and partner in arms in the War of Ideas than got in the Arena on a monster thread relating to the same subject and delivered a very insightful historical commentary relating to the divisions in christendom over the ages and how persecution against the Jews by "Christians" impacts the way they view us today, which I just had to save for posterity. See that one below mine.

Thanks again, JM. You're always there in behalf of the Truth. Must just be a Divine Providence thing, eh?

___Original Article___________________________

Yoni, buddy, I guarantee you the Israeli government knows exactly who their friends are.

The Evangelical Christian community I live with and all related organizations that community is affiliated with have no problems traveling in and out of Israel, nor do they meet any resistance whatsoever in their temporal ministry to the Jewish Nation.

Go to that site antisocial provided and head directly to the links page. That'll give you pretty good insight into what they are all about and where they are coming from. Any "Christian" group that would provide a direct link to the PA homepage or the World Council of Churches (which is simply a spiritual "tower of Babel") is, as thoughtomator stated, a "peace idolater" and no part of Him.

In the letter to President Bush, I don't recognize the name of one single signatory as anybody of significance in advocacy of the concerns of Israel, and a mess of religious institutions catering to the whims and notions of men, and not of G-d. Well, like the Unitarians (the Quik-E-Mart® of dead religious variety).

Yoni, the heart of HaShem is for His people Israel, as evidenced in His Word, the revelation of His character. Bible believing Christians (theological differences between the Jews and Christians duly acknowledged) purport to model His character, love, and grace. Therefore, their heart also should mirror that same great love for His people Israel. It just should.

As for those killing them, shooting them, blowing them up, threatening to wipe them off the face of the planet, hating them, or simply modeling an ambivalent attitude and adherence to humanist man-centered ambiguous notions of "peace" by negotiating with Israel's—and America's—sworn enemies who have no intentions whatsoever of accepting the Jews and letting them live in peace, well...


This is, I believe, the foundation of Christian support of Israel and the Jewish people living again in their G-d ordained land.

posted at FR by Salem

___Original Article___________________________

You have hit a critically important part of the equation.

There are two divisions in Christianity that tend to get grouped together when a non Christian is examining Christianity.

There are the European Protestants who were persecuted with vigor by a lot of other segments of the Christian Church.

Before they were called Protestants, they were called heretics.They go back all the way to the 100 AD church and still exist to this day. They wanted to read the Bible and live strictly according to Gods laws as stated in the Bible. They had an oral tradition, and believed they were descended from the biblical nation of Israel.

They rejected sacraments, opposed the use of images (icons)and believed in freedom and liberty as proclaimed by God to be spread among the nations. For this offense, Protestants were burned at the stake, beheaded, and otherwise executed.

They consisted of the Lollards in 14th century England, the Hussites in 15th century Bohemia, Lutherans, Calvinists, Anglicans, Anabaptists. They chiefly focussed on translating and circulating copies of the Bible. They endured the Inquisition, St Bartholomews Day massacre in 1572 Spain, and the Spanish-British wars of the 1500-1600's.

The Protestants and Jews were persecuted by the same Christian factions for many of the same reasons, including guilt by association. Protestants were massacred by Crusaders during the Crusades the same as Jews. Actually, the Crusaders killed a higher percentage of Protestants than Jews.

The United States was the first country in history to give Jews equal citizenship. Jews fought in the American Revolution, and a Jewish financier named Judah Benjamin supported this Revolution with his fortune. America is a combined Jewish-Protestant effort, folks.

Protestants and Jews share many common denominators. I think this is why American Christians support Israel more than anyone else, and why we respect Jews as we do.

posted at FR by Judicial Meanz


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